What kind of scroll is your favorite? is a question that I get asked constantly. And I always answer: Japanese fart scrolls. My favorite scrolls are Japanese fart scrolls.

Tofugu explains as best it can:

The whole scroll, which is called He-Gassen ("The Fart Battle") is just about people farting. Farting at other people, farting at cats, farting off of horses, farting into bags; just farting everywhere. Why? I couldn't really tell you. I've tried to do some research but, believe it or not, academic literature on Japanese farting is surprisingly few and far between. [...] I did find out enough to know that this isn't the only farting scroll out there in existence – in fact, in the 90s, a collection of fart scrolls sold for $1,500 at the famous Christie's auction house. I am not making this up.

The entire scroll can (and should) be seen here, but here are some favorite moments: