Sheriff and GOP candidate for Congress Paul Babeu, second only to Joe Arpaio in racism and general terribleness, has resigned as co-chairmen from Mitt Romney's Arizona committee after his affair with a Mexican immigrant man came to light. Babeu had supposedly threatened the man with deportation in an attempt to keep the affair from going public.

Babeu and Jose (whose full name has not yet been released) met through in 2006 and had been dating until their recent break-up. Notorious for his staunch stance on immigration and Arizona border control, Babeu had kept both the relationship and the fact that he is gay a secret for years. And though he has denied all claims of misconduct regarding the affair, he said in a statement:

I'm here to say that all the allegations that were in the story were untrue - except for the instance that refers to me as gay...That's the truth - I am gay.

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