In a refreshing move, MSNBC has officially "parted ways" with irrelevant old coonskin-cap-wearing racist Pat Buchanan, whose "kindly old grandpa" demeanor has been enough to keep him on ostensibly mainstream political shows, despite the fact that he is, at heart, a white supremacist.

Perhaps Pat Buchanan should be glad that he somehow conned people into taking him seriously this long despite being a racist, racist, racist, racist, racist.

(Pat Buchanan is a racist.)

In a miffed essay about MSNBC's decision, Buchanan puts the blame on homos and Jews. Sounds about right.

Pat, I can't help but notice that you're a particularly slitty-eyed old meltface. Are you sure your bloodline is... you know... pure? Maybe you can research that during your newfound free time.

[Photo of Pat haranguing Mexico from atop a border fence like a crazy old coot: AP]