Turns out that just hours before we published our inside look at Facebook's content moderation process, they released an updated version of their guidelines. We've obtained the newest document and are happy to report that you can now splatter your Facebook wall with pictures of bodily fluids.

The outsourcing firm oDesk released version 6.2 of their "Abuse Standards" manual today, used by employees to moderate Facebook content. Here are the biggest changes since version 6.1, which was what we based our story on:

  • In version 6.1, body fluids were banned. But in version 6.2, "bodily fluids (except semen) are ok to show unless a human being is captured in the process."
  • In version 6.1, all Photoshopped images of someone were banned, whether they were positive or negative. But in version 6.2, only photoshopped images that show someone in a negative light are banned.
  • All the pages now say "Proprietary and Confidential." Wonder why that is.

So, everyone, go crazy with the body fluids and pictures of your BFF's head photoshopped onto a penguin's body.

Abuse Standards 6.2 - Operation Manual