Tonight's geographically disorienting episode of Top Chef: Texas takes place in Canada. Don't ask me why—maybe they should have called this season Top Chef: TexaCanada? At any rate, during our group live blog of the show in the comments, we can all try to acclimatize to this frigid new locale together. Join us!

If you haven't participated in this chat party before, it's as easy falling off a snow bank: All you have to do is keep your keyboard or laptop handy while you watch tonight's episode (which airs on Bravo at 10 Eastern), and post comments on the show while you watch it. You can also eat, drink, socialize with your fellow commenters, and titter at their wittiness, whilst they titter at yours. And speaking of titter-worthy wit: I've collected a selection of choice quips from last week's live blog in this separate post, in case you want to peruse them in bemusement before tonight's live blog gets started. Other highlights from last week included these:

  • We invented a new drinking-game rule: Take a drink whenever Sarah makes a "bitch face." Try it if you want to get trashed! And speaking of bitchiness, commenter Cletör came up with a great new nickname for Lindsay, based on her personality and vague resemblance to a certain Dr. Seuss character: "Bitchy Lou Who."
  • Only 20 minutes into the show, a half-dozen commenters correctly predicted that Ed's purchase of canned oysters would get him eliminated. If only we could have been in the store to warn him!
  • Because Hugh Acheson appeared to have a handlebar-mustache shaped five-o'clock shadow, commenter thekidscallmemom invented a new "hughmoticon" representing how his unibrowed face would look if he grew in that 'stache. Here it is: }:-{
  • Commenter Lizawithazee shared this bit of food wisdom: You should never eat oysters during any month whose name contains an "r." So I guess it's ok to eat oysters this month, as long as you're a bad speller.

As for tonight's episode, the precise locale will be Whistler Mountain in British Columbia, where the remaining four chefs will be narrowed down to three in advance of next week's Vancouver-based finale. Here are a few things to watch for:

  • The challenge will feature a series a "culinary games," including a marksmanship contest. I wonder if the Top Chef medics know how to deal with gunshot wounds?
  • Tom Colicchio will appear wearing a winter knit cap so dorky-looking it would make The Monkees' Mike Nesmith blush.
  • In what may be the most gimmicky challenge in this show's history, the chefs will have to prepare a meal while riding inside a gondola car up to the top of a mountain. Maybe for the final episode, they should make each of the remaining chefs put on water skis and cook a meal while jumping a shark out in Vancouver bay? It might be appropriate, given the direction this show has taken lately.

OK, gang, it's almost 10 pm—time to get this TexaCanadian moosemeat taco party started! I'll see you down in the comments!