Ronald "Ra Diggs" Herron is a very specific breed of rapper. He's an alleged gang leader with the "Murderous Mad Dog" branch of the Bloods, in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, and in his raps, he's always been rather explicit about his life. He is, he's claimed before, "2 Real for Rap."

And for once in hip hop, that boast actually holds up.

Federal prosecutors indicted Herron, who frequently appeared on tracks with Waka Flocka Flame and Uncle Murda, for three murders on Monday. He's been in jail on federal drug charges since October 2010, but he could face the death penalty for the murder charges, some of which are reportedly backed up by statements he made in his Twitter account and YouTube videos. From the Daily News:

One charge is for the June 16, 2001, slaying of Frederick Brooks - a rap he beat in state Supreme Court when two witnesses refused to testify against him after his associates threatened them.

Herron later boasted on the Internet that he "beat a body" referring to Brooks, authorities said.


After beating the Brooks' murder rap, Herron participated in the slayings of Richard Russo in 2008 and Victor Zapata in 2009 at the Gowanus Houses, the indictment says.

Herron posted YouTube videos claiming he was the leader of a "murder team" and depicting himself as wearing body armor and firing handguns, court papers state.

"His Tweets were premature," Raymond Kelly, Commissioner of the NYPD and father of accused rapist Greg, said Monday. He's right: Don't tweet about your murders if you've actually murdered someone, no matter what it might do for your cred. And if you are not a murderer and are just trying to boost your cred, simply add a Rick Ross grunt, and everyone will know you're bluffing.

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