Last night, a horribly inbred beast called "Malachy" was named Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. What is this thing? It is a...


  • Lovable lint trap
  • Living mullet
  • 4-year-old pompom
  • 12-pound dustmop
  • Fuzzy slipper with a tongue
  • Little furball
  • Hirsute jellyfish
  • Waddling hair bush
  • Snub-nosed dust mote
  • Carrot Top's head in a neutral color palette

Insanely delicious

  • Impossibly inbred spawn of wolves
  • Cousin Itt's pet
  • Maribou satchet
  • Animated wigstand
  • The tangled hair wad in the garbage can after your girlfriend cleans her hairbrush? If that thing sprouted legs.
  • Shiny-eyed cotton ball
  • Slobbering frizz beast
  • Crotch-sniffing tuffet
  • Placid Pekingese

[Images of Malachy via AP, tribbles via Wikimedia Commons]