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Fearless Washington, DC TV reporter Andrea McCarren is fearless enough to take on that most taboo of subjects: kids these days. With the drinking, and the boozing. These teenagers and their drunkenness. But lo: a bunch of drunk teens were too much even for fearless reporter Andrea McCarren.

Andrea did a powerful and hard-hitting expose of a store where teens buy booze (clip above). DC-area teens, struck suddenly boozeless, responded with the only weapon at their disposal: asshole teenage assholedom. (Teenagers are assholes.)

Kids wrote lots of mean things on McCarren's Facebook page (Sample cutting teen comment: "Way to go! Not." Shut up) and even harassed and bullied her kids at school and more or less behaved in typical teenage asshole fashion until McCarren finally was like whatever, I'm done with this nightmare Teen Booze beat. The teen asshole campaign had succeeded in keeping her from getting too close to the truth. The WaPo reports:

On Tuesday night, McCarren decided to sit out her piece about "pre-gaming," the practice of drinking heavily or ingesting drugs before a concert or social function. The story included footage of young people drinking and becoming sick.

You win this round, teens. Your secret Masonic "pre-gaming" rituals shall not be exposed by Andrea McCarren. But mark my words: you cannot stay hidden forever. We will find you, teens. One day, our adult scientists will determine what you are doing "at Bobby's house," on those Friday nights.

As usual all of the teenagers even tangentially related to this story should be arrested.

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