The Pew Center on the States released the details today of a study that found almost two million deceased Americans still have active registration on voter rolls. This puts the dead leaps ahead of the 51 million U.S. citizens who are eligible, but not registered, to vote.

In addition to the army of (potential) zombie voters, 2.75 million people are currently registered to vote in more than one state.

The Director of Pew's Election Initiatives, David Becker, told Politico that the center's findings did not suggest any voter fraud or voter suppression stemmed from these problems. But, jeez, it really doesn't look good, right?

Voting registration systems in many states are still paper-based, meaning that election offices must perform vast quantities of data-entry by hand. These methods, Pew found, are as costly, error-ridden, and inefficient as they are quaint.

It costs the U.S. 12 times more to maintain a voter list than it does for Canada, which spends just 35 cents to keep up its list in an election year. And in Canada - which has innovative technology and data-matching methods in place - 93 percent of the eligible population is registered.

In the United States, only about three-quarters of the eligible population is registered.

Our dead population, however, is much more politically active than Canada's.

[Image via AP]