Here we are six weeks into 2012, and we've barely even stopped to contemplate all of the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that pours forth from Northwestern University rap star and Tom Hanks scion Chet Haze. We will now remedy that. Below, a thorough review of all of Chet's wisdom shared on Twitter thus far this year. Absorb that shit.

On Hoes

I will never approach a hoe that acts like she deserves a medal for simply being hot... Won't give you the satisfaction luv

The word "bitch" does not apply to all women. It applies to the bitch type. Both men and women #getitstraight

I like independent women who EARN their OWN money... Not leech from sucka rich dudes with mid life crises and Viagra

I would NEVER lay hands on a woman but I think I might if she called me, "the egg mcmuffin of boyfriends" LOL have u seen this shit?

The Man is the Head of the Family. But the Woman is the Neck. And she can turn the Head whichever way she wants.

What's your sex playlist called? Mines called "we fuckin" LOL I'm serious tho

I need to know... Which ladies out there wanna be my Valentine?

On Dudes

What's up with dudes dapping you up 4 times in 1 conversation... Then when they leave to bounce they dap again... Like bro... Come on

All the dudes out there bitchen on twitter about your females, maybe it didnt work out cuz youre the type to bitch on twitter about females

On The Almighty

This world we live in is imperfect. But imperfection cannot exist without perfection. God is Good. And Love is God.

Thank you Lord for Another Day to Strive

God is You and You are God. Its up to YOU whether you want to die an angel, or a devil.

A cynic sees coincidence, a person with Faith sees omens. So really, its a CHOICE YOU MAKE!! Do u WANT to be Insignificant? Or Holy?

Pray Everyday. It doesnt Help- it Works.

On Patriotism

But for real though, God Bless America. The Greatest Nation That Has Ever Been And Ever Will Be.

Yo allot of you emotional cats out there are the perfect example of how OVERLY P.C. Policies and Ideals are turning America #soft

On Respect

I could never respect a man who doesn't look me in the eye or have a firm handshake when I meet him #mannersistheuniversallanguage

"never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut" #Goodfellas

On Decisiveness

Good things come to those who DON'T fuckin wait in my opinion #kinetik

On Honesty

I don't judge people—- But I HATE Lies!!!!!

On Ambition

No One Ever Got Anything In This Life By Waiting Around For Handouts

I never give a fuck what a hater gotta say. Stay glued to ya laptops muhfuckas. Make room for the real muhfuckas goin out and GETTINIT!

On Shit That Cray

Fun Fact: Michael Clarke Duncan had to "slim down" for his role in the Green Mile... Now that shit cray!

On Political Science

Politicians are the best Actors in the world.

The Power of Money is what controls the World. Not Governments.

On Secrets

Take a second to imagine the technologies that exist RIGHT NOW that the public could never know about.

On The Conspiracy to Keep The Masses Ignorant Through Popular Culture


Is society being fed this mind numbing bullshit, or do we demand it? Or both?

Why arent there as many tv shows about great artists, philosophy, legendary acts of history, spirituality? Instead we get BS and ppv porn.

Is this a matter of ignorance being inherent of human nature? Or are there people in high places that decide, and WANT it this way?

Open your eyes and start asking fucking questions - ALL THE TIME. To those of you that already do, ASK MORE!

On Being Chet Haze

A Prince who is son to a Great King must have twice as Prosperous a reign as his Successor— otherwise he will be a Failure to Privilege.

The only people you can trust in this world are Blood and the very select few who just as well could be. #familyfirst

Sippin on a drank and listening to Beethoven. The end of a long, productive, #kinetik day. We're comin. But we're already here.

btw I drove my Dads hand me down PT Cruiser throughout ALL of High School.... I wish I was kidding.... I whipped that bitch tho

I've never been a Thug or a Hustla. Never spent (a lot) of time in the ghetto. But Best Believe— There is not a Drop of Pussy in my Blood.

Just came from my Broadway showtunes class, now on my way to Boxing, Lol does anyone else see the duality in this?

Sometimes I eat filet mignon. Other times I eat a big Mac. But u know what.... Either way I'm eatin

I'm Hungry

On Humor

Before you question me for being offensive, question yourself for being soft and without a sense of humor.

"Its not delivery is digourno," hahahah

On Twitter

To tweet is to not be busy... Therefore it is best to tweet less.

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