Are you a lonely Columbia Journalism School grad whiling away Valentine's Day with thoughts of your persistent crush on your old professor Duy Linh Tu, head of the Digital Media Program and self-proclaimed "Original Multimedia Gangsta?" Cupid is emailing you.

Subject: Share your love for the J-School—and win a "date" with Professor Duy Linh Tu!
To: J school class of 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

On this day when love is in the air, take a moment to think about your love for your alma mater, the Columbia Journalism School. What did you love most during your year here? Was it your challenging but formative RW1 class? An assignment that sharpened your skills unlike any other? An unforgettable professor?

This Valentine's Day we're offering a "date" with one a popular member of our digital media faculty, Duy Linh Tu! [...]

Donate this week (February 14 – February 19) to join a raffle for a lunch date with Professor Tu!* He's glad to take this opportunity to meet with you and help you professionally. Over lunch you can:

· Have your multimedia critiqued
· Pick his brain about digital media
· Have him write you a recommendation
· Or just watch him stuff his face

If you're the lucky winner but don't live the New York area, Professor Tu will still find a way to connect with you! Don't miss this great opportunity to support your school!

Here are three easy ways to make your gift today: [REDACTED]

*Donors who have already given in the month of February will be automatically added to the raffle. Thank you for your support!

You may already be entered without your knowledge. Boy oh boy. To the lucky winner, please let us know how it goes. Especially the sex part.

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