This R&B lady was trying to improve her career by bedding a powerful man backstage at Fashion Week. This actress is going bald, this actress slept with a woman to win a bet, this Oscar nominee has a drinking problem, and this celeb didn't go to the Grammys because she didn't want to be upstaged by Whitney. She at least could have snuck backstage.

1. "[Which] former A list R&B singer [who is] now struggling to stay relevant anyway she can saw someone she thought could help her struggling comeback while at Fashion Week. The next thing you know they were backstage and having at it. Apparently it was not just her dress that caused some attention. Our singer is kind of loud." [CDaN]

2. "Which Oscar-winning star is wigging out over her badly damaged and severely thinning hair? The 40-something actress has gone from her natural red locks to bleached blonde so many times that she's almost bald!" [National Enquirer]

3. "At a recent press junket two costars were together promoting a film. The two costars (one female and one male) have slept together in the past but made a bet to see who could bed someone of their same sex first. The winner was the actress, who slept with a female publicist." [BuzzFoto]

4. "Which Oscar nominee loves her booze just a little too much? The actress' drinking binges haven't raised any red flags in the Hollywood community yet, but her family has been trying to get her to quit because alcohol is known to aggravate some of her other medical conditions—none of which have been made public." [National Enquirer]

5. "She was ready to go. She had been invited. She had hair, makeup and jewelry all booked for the pre-parties and the show. She had the perfect dresses made. She was in shape. She had even pulled a publicity stunt to pique the public's interest. She was totally ready to strut the red carpet and bask in the attention. However, this big star was ultimately a no-show at the Grammys. So what happened? Was she ill? Was she in mourning for a fellow singer? Did the limo break down? None of the above. She wanted the buzz and the attention on her, but since her plan was disrupted by the untimely demise of another, she decided to stay home." [Blind Gossip]

6. "Which aging British rocker had a meltdown at a Starbucks in Austin, Texas, when his order wasn't made to his standards? The legendary long-haired vocalist threw a FIT when the barista botched his beverage!" [National Enquirer]

7. "We don't know why reality shows that taped months ago think that everybody associated with the production can keep a secret. The winner of this ridiculous reality show was selected long ago. It's the girl you love to hate. Blech. She's just desperate to be famous. No use telling this nasty, vicious thing to put her clothes back on, though, because she's sure she has a date with destiny. That's true if by 'date with destiny' she actually means 'future meeting with a porn producer.'" [Blind Gossip]

8. "Which morning TV show personality tried to throw his weight around, but was still turned away from an exclusive Indianapolis restaurant during the Super Bowl festivities? The plump correspondent, who was all set on chowing down on the eatery's famous steaks, tried everything to score a table, but still wasn't let in!" [National Enquirer]

9. "This child star of celebrity parents is so spoiled and obnoxious that many of his parents' friends—including their A-list pals—won't invite the famous family over unless they know the kid's not coming! The mini-terror is known for bossing around the servers and housekeepers. Who is he?" [National Enquirer]