It's been a little while since people freaked out about a new drug that all the kids are supposedly doing, but it's time again to cue up the fearmongering articles. This one comes to us from the Daily Mail, which warns us about the hottest new drug in England, methoxetamine. Also know as MXE, it serves as a legal alternative to ketamine. Your kids are most likely doing it in the bathroom right now as you read this.

Much like every other recent weirdo legal drug, it's gaining popularity in England and has already been linked to two deaths .And just like the previous wonder drug that induced panic, mephedrone, it is listed for sale as bath salts. From the article:

MXE has become popular because unlike ketamine it is claimed it does not cause severe bladder cramps. Also, as ketamine is an illegal Class C drug, anyone taking the legal high is not at risk of prosecution. But despite claims that MXE is 'safer' than the illegal alternative there is no evidence that it is true - and experts say that it can cause mental health problems.

Hilariously, the main selling point of MXE compared to ketamine (in addition to it being legal) is that it's bladder-friendly. Meow meow never really caught on in the states, but that shouldn't stop local news anchors from reporting on the coming epidemic of bladder friendly legal ketamine set to flood our streets. Also, can somebody please make with the hilarious youtube videos capturing their drug-induced psychosis already?

[pic via shutterstock, article via Daily Mail]