Super dreamy White Collar star Matt Bomer hasn't exactly been solidly in the closet, but it looks like he's finally comfortable talking about his husband and children in public. Welcome to the club, Matt.

Last week OK! mentioned that Bomer has three children with his partner (in love, not in business) Simon Halls. As Towleroad pointed out just back in 2010 Bomer was still obliquely answering questions about being gay by deflecting it and saying he was "fulfilled with my personal life."

As if that wasn't enough, when accepting an award at the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards on Saturday he thanked Simon and his children from the stage (it's at the end of the clip above). Congrats, you are now officially out, and did it the same way Jodie Foster did. You're in good company. Now I know which of the shirtless guys in the upcoming stripper movie Magic Mike I'm going to be lusting after the most: the one I might actually have a shot with.