This singer has been arguing with her friends and advisers over her controversial dress for the Grammys. This actor slept with his director's wife, and this actress is pulling a Single White Female on a less-famous actress. Next they're going to be fighting over outfits.

1. "There was a big fashion controversy in the days leading up to the Grammys. This particular singer was not about to let anyone outshine them on the red carpet. 'Fuck the swan and fuck the meat dress!' they said. 'I want something really outrageous!' They changed designers and outfits several times in the days leading up to the awards show, with each iteration getting more and more controversial. When the decision was finally made, a shouting match ensued between the singer and their manager. 'There's a difference between creative and offensive, and you've crossed the line!' Even the star's close friends argued passionately about the outfit. Some were calling it genius, some were calling it tacky. It will be interesting to see if there will be a backlash tomorrow… and if that backlash will hurt record sales." [Blind Gossip]

2. "This up-and-coming British actor could pull in big numbers to the box office if he stays on for the project he'll be filming. Unfortunately for him, he might have slept with the director's wife and this director has the power to ruin his career." [BuzzFoto]

3. "You would think that if you had reached the level that this A list movie actress has reached that you could keep yourself from trying to copy other people who are not as successful. A little bit about our A list movie actress. She is an Academy Award nominee/winner. Yep. She is that big. Oh, she did do some television back in the day and it was a very memorable, but brief role on a hit show. For the past year she has slowly begun to copy every move of this B list movie actress who is a B lister by looks alone and should in no way imply that she has any acting talent whatsoever. The two share one very important thing in common. Child/ren. If you see the B list actress do something with her child/ren, within 24 hours you will see our A lister do the same thing. B lister goes on vacation and gets photographed in a bikini? A lister gets on a plane the second she can and does the same thing. So far it is just weird, but not creepy. Does it make it more creepy if our A lister calls her guy in bed the same name as the husband of the B lister? Does it make it more creepy if the A lister has been trying to track down some of the B lister's ex-boyfriends to talk to them and also see if they are open to a little more besides talking? Oh, how about showing up at places she knows the B lister will be but never actually speaks to her. Oh, and this will be revealed." [CDaN]