Everyone's favorite pundit and reality star Sarah Palin has yet to endorse a Republican presidential candidate. (But Sarah, there are so many great options to choose from.) The Washington Times has an article about Palin's appearance on Fox News Sunday, where she (predictably) pondered the question of Romney's conservatism.

I trust that his idea of conservatism is evolving ... I base this on a pretty moderate past that he has had, even, in some cases, a liberal past.

This was actually a more measured position than what Palin said at CPAC — although there her digs at Romney were a bit subtler. When she said it was "too late in the game to teach conservatism," surely she was not referring to Rick Santorum.

While many have questioned the Republican Party for drawing the nomination process out, Palin put a positive spin on things.

The longer the Republican primary race continues, Ms. Palin said, the stronger the eventual nominee will be.

"I want to see the competition continue," she said.

Yeah, OK. If Palin would like these presidential contenders to continue snipping at each other through August, then by all means. Personally, I think her lack of endorsement has more to do with the fact that holding off keeps her in the news — surely she'll go ahead and stand behind the eventual nominee when the time is right.

Until then, she can keep going on talk shows and bringing up the terrifying ghost of a liberal past. Ooh, spooky.

[Image via AP]