Hey, nothing to worry about, but remember John Wayne Gacy, that serial killer who dressed like a clown and performed at kids' birthdays? Two Chicago lawyers are now saying he might have had three accomplices — two of whom are still alive. No word on whether or not these men also wore clown makeup, but for the sake of my sanity, I'll assume that was just Gacy's thing.

According to the New York Daily News, attorneys Robert Stephenson and Steven Becker believe it was impossible for Gacy to commit all the murders he was accused of. And because they want to make sure we never sleep again, they've offered some fairly compelling evidence that Gacy didn't act alone.

Their findings echo claims made by a victim who got away, who said another man was present when Gacy raped him in the 1970s. And they also dovetail with claims Gacy made from jail that he was not in Illinois when 16 of the victims vanished, and that he had accomplices as well.

Silver lining: the "Killer Clown" may not have tortured and murdered quite as many boys as we thought. But this is all based on assumption, and many — including Gacy's defense attorney — believe he acted alone. A comforting thought, as he is long dead, but how can one overlook the evidence that Gacy could not have been physically present for some of his alleged murders?

In one of the three cases, Robert Gilroy, 18, disappeared between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Sept. 15, 1977. The investigators, however, found that Gacy was out of town when Gilroy vanished. They have a copy of an Alleghany Airlines ticket showing Gacy had flown to Pittsburgh on Sept. 12 and did not return to Chicago until the night of the 16th, a full day after Gilroy disappeared.

It remains unclear how much further Stephenson and Becker will take this investigation. They speak about bringing closure to the families of Gacy's victims, but I imagine a lot of these people don't want to revisit the past. Perhaps it's easier to just believe that the "Killer Clown" did it all himself — even if that would mean being in two places at once.

Alternate theory: John Wayne Gacy had the supernatural ability to be in two places at once. Plausible or not, that's the most horrifying explanation yet.

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