I hate parody rappers with a passion. I can't understand the lyrics here, but I can say that everything about this is awful and terrible, and that's before they use the N word. And not just with the street "a" ending. With the "er" ending. In front of a black person. Who they mock as he walks out.

They receive some thorough applause at the end, if you can make it through. I really have nothing else to add. I hate people.

UPDATE: The rappers have been identified by News One as Steven Crowder and Chris Loesch. Crowder is an occasional contributor to Fox News. Loesch is married to the conservative political analyst Dana Loesch. As The Raw Story points out, both claim they were saying the word "knickers." Hilarious joke, guys.

Here is their shitty music video, the one playing behind them during the performance.

And here's Crowder detailing his motives on none other than Big Hollywood.

UPDATE 2: Some people have pointed out that the black guy seen leaving the room was a plant, which may actually be the case. He looks similar to the sound technician featured in the video, but the performance video is too far and of too poor quality to judge. Either way, that's some mighty fine trolling.

[via youtube]