¡Viva la Mexico! There's never been a better time to visit our sunny neighbor to the south. Tourists, business travelers, and hotel chains like Marriott and Hilton are all "piling into the market."

Just be sure to avoid "the border region," "areas along major trafficking routes," "isolated roads," "the northern state of Baja California, particularly at night," "the state of Chihuahua," "the state of Coahuila," "the state of Durango," "the state of Nuevo Leon, except the metropolitan area of Monterrey where you should exercise caution," "the state of San Luis Potosi, except the city of San Luis Potosi where you should exercise caution," "the state of Sinaloa except the city of Mazatlan where you should exercise caution particularly late at night and in the early morning," "the eastern edge of the State of Sonora," "the coastal town of Puerto Peñasco," "the state of Tamaulipas," "the state of Zacatecas except the city of Zacatecas where you should exercise caution," "the areas of [Aguascalientes] that border the state of Zacatecas," "the areas of the state of Colima that border the state of Michoacán," "the area west and south of the town of Arcelia on the border with Estado de Mexico in the north and the town of Tlapa near the border with Oaxaca," "areas of [Jalisco] that border the states of Michoacán and Zacatecas," "the state of Michoacán except the cities of Morelia and Lázaro Cardenas where you should exercise caution," "the state of Morelos," "the state of Nayarit north of the city of Tepic as well as to the cities of Tepic and Xalisco," and "the state of Veracruz."

Keep an eye out for "homicide, gun battles, kidnapping, carjacking and highway robbery." And remember, "crime and violence are serious problems throughout the country and can occur anywhere."

Enjoy your ¡fiesta!

[US State Department Travel Warning. Photo: AP]