Recently Snooki and JWOWW gave an interview where Snooki said she is bisexual (no, Snooki, you just like to make out with girls every once in awhile when you're drunk) and they both alleged that reality show Gargamel, The Situation, has gay tendencies. Well, now he's pissed.

Snooki and Ms. WOWW told HuffPo Gay Voices (they come from beyond the grave!) that they think The Situation is in the closet. Apparently he called them both up and "ripped [them] a new one," according to a source close to Sitch (which is probably his publicist).

This seems to be part of an ongoing feud between Snooki and The Situation, one that he's losing since Snooki has her own spinoff and he has nothing but a contract to push some workout supplements. Sitch is worried that people thinking he's gay might hurt his image, but if you're trying to sell things to make guys buff, then shouldn't he want to look as gay as possible? Speaking of PR Spin, The Situation released a statement saying that he is straight. So has Marcus Bachmann. Just saying.

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