Ah, Thursday night—the perfect time to put on your favorite haute couture Snuggie, prop your head on a few fashion pillows, stretch out on a Cindy Crawford sofa and live-blog Project Runway with us in the comments. Who says you have to get off the couch to have a fab fashion experience?

No, you can just stay right there, as long as you've got a laptop and a TV remote handy. All you have to do to join this chat party is turn on the TV, tune it to Project Runway (which airs on Lifetime at 9 Eastern), watch the episode, and post quips and observations about the show in the comments section below-along with a band of other witty commenters. Just how witty, you ask? Well, check out this collection of commenting highlights from our last get-together and see for yourself! If tonight's live blog is anything like the last week's was, it'll be a one big hour-long orgasm of wittery!

On a related topic: You know that investment disclaimer that says "past performance is not indicative of future results"? Well, apparently that doesn't hold true for this show—at least, not according to the "HippityScore" rankings I devised and featured back in the second live blog post of this season. That ranking, you may recall, used a formula that considers each designer's prior-season challenge victories, top-three and bottom-three finishes, and eliminations to come up with a number indicating how strong a competitor each designer was in the past. Here's an update, showing the same prior-season ranking—but this time annotated with info on current-season challenge wins and eliminations to date:

  • Mondo (1.50)—one win
  • Jerell (0.85)—no wins yet
  • Kenley (0.71)—no wins yet
  • Rami (0.50)—one win
  • Austin (0.44)—one win
  • Michael (0.31)—two wins
  • Mila (0.29)—no wins yet
  • Anthony (0.25)—eliminated
  • April (0.25)—eliminated
  • Gordana (0.25)—eliminated
  • Kara (0.00)—no wins yet
  • Sweet P (-0.09)—eliminated
  • Elisa (-0.33)—eliminated

As you can see, the five challenge victories so far this season have all come from among the six highest prior-season performers (0.31 or above), and the five eliminations so far have all come from among the six lowest-ranked ones (0.25 or lower). How's that for symmetry? Anyway, I provided update mainly to serve as fodder for our live-blog discussions tonight, and to help set expectations regarding the probable fate of the remaining contestants. One thing appears to be true on this show—and is probably true of life in general: If you sucked in the past, you will probably suck in the future.

On that happy note, let's look at a few things in store on tonight's episode:

  • The designers will be compete in head-to-head pairs to create sportswear in a "Four Seasons" challenge. I assume that refers to the times of the year and not the hotel chain—but with all the product placements on this show these days, you can never be sure.
  • Jerell will claim that Michael copied his design, an accusation that's been made many times on this show over the years, and is usually bogus. However, Michael has a track record in this area, so don't be surprised if it's actually true this time.
  • Tonight's guest is designer Cynthia Rowley, who's proven to be a perceptive and likeable judge in past appearances on this show—and whose talents are sadly wasted as a regular on that Lifetime's lame "24 hour Catwalk" show (which airs after Project Runway, and proved to unwatchably awful when we attempted to live-blog the first episode).

Ok, it's almost time for this hour-long wit-gasm to get going, so I'll stop with all this live blog foreplay now and head down to the comments. It's time to come together, people!