After Hoboken banned Jersey Shore stars Snooki and JWOWW from filming their spin-off series there, they finally found a home: Jersey City. And they're going to be living in an old fire house.

495 Productions, which makes Jersey Shore and will also produce this show for MTV, obtained permits to film in Jersey City and signed deals with some local bars and restaurants so the cameras can follow our gorgeous ladies into their establishments as well. This comes a week after the mayor of Hoboken refused to give the show permits fearing that the two and all their drunken shenanigans would cause a public nuisance. Either that or they're prejudiced against animal prints, hair extensions, and fake boobs.

Production starts February 17 (quick, everyone go to Jersey City to try to spot them) and the two will be living in an old firehouse in town. They're just like Anderson Cooper and the Ghost Busters. Snooki always did bear a startling resemblance to Slimer.

[Image via Bauer-Griffin]