This celeb broke up with her man briefly after he found out that she slept with his brother. This actress' plastic surgeon won't do any more work on her and this famous actress is sick of her actor husband staying in character all the time. But does he have a brother?

1. "Ever wondered why this former A++ list tweener and her very good looking B list movie actor broke up for a short time? Everyone thought it was because she cheated. She did. Turns out she had sex with the brother of her boyfriend and thought no one would find out. She says she was drunk. Lets hope his wife does not find out." [CDaN]

2. "This C List television actress is getting so much plastic surgery, her surgeon is now refusing to do any more work on her. She's had a little work done up top, but where all the main stuff is happening is down below." [BuzzFoto]

3. "This successful actress is totally international. Her heritage is from one country, she was raised in a second, and she frequently acts in the accent of a third. She was initially attracted to her husband because of his talent as a character actor. As time has gone by, though, what was once amusing is now just plain annoying. He is involved in multiple projects right now, becomes totally "method", and gets so immersed in his characters when he is working that it wreaks havoc on their entire household. She is now realizing that she doesn't want to bring up her children in a household with a man who takes on a strange, new personality every few months, and is telling friends that she is ready to call it a day." [Blind Gossip]