CNN is well known for needlessly incorporating quirky features into its coverage, most notably the Will.I.Am hologram from the 2008 election night.

This election season, they have a new gimmick, and it is the least impressive one they've come up with yet. It's the Caucus Cam. They used it at least twice before in their coverage of Iowa and Nevada's caucuses and have brought it back for tonight's elections in Minnesota and Colorado.

How is the Caucus Cam different from a regular camera? Well, for one, it's much more at-a-caucus than a regular camera. Also, it's much shittier. The footage is grainy has a comically contrived Caucus Cam* logo in the upper left hand corner that displays a flashing red light. It looks like what would happen if iCarly covered politics.

The whole thing appears to be an attempt to cover up the fact that they are using a poor quality broadband connection (as acknowledged in the screen's upper right hand corner) instead of a traditional TV signal.

Basically, they're trying to play off a technical handicap as a fun new way of reporting news. It's not a thing.

No word yet on what they will rename the Caucus Cam if they try to use it at a primary.