From TMZ:

Bonds is appealing his sentence for felony obstruction of justice — but for now he's free on a few conditions ... one of which is he cannot possess any "firearm, ammunition, destructive device, or other dangerous weapon."

[...] According to docs filed yesterday ... a federal judge has approved his request to make an exception for baseball bats.

There's a good chance you are not a fan of Barry bonds and think his giant head is inflated to capacity with hubristic antipathy toward the world in general, but it's always nice to see our justice system being appropriately chill. There's no reason a former baseball player charged with a non-violent crime shouldn't have his request to use a baseball bat fulfilled.

Way to go, chill judge. You're probably one of those judges with a jar of hard candies on the desk in your chambers. And not just mints and butterscotch either. Like, Jawbreakers and stuff.

"Yeah, alright." - This Judge, Most Likely