If you were not already aware, about two weeks ago, a woman accused Good Day New York host Greg Kelly (son of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly) of rape in a complaint she filed at a Manhattan Police station. Hours ago, prosecutors formally announced they have dropped the case.

From The Daily Mail:

Kelly's criminal defence lawyer, Andrew Lankler, confirmed to MailOnline prosecutors have dropped the case.

A letter addressed today to Mr Lankler from Assistant District Attorney Martha Bashford, Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit, states: 'After reviewing all of the evidence, we have determined that the facts established during our investigation do not fit the definitions of sexual assault crimes under New York criminal law. Therefore, no criminal charges are appropriate.'

If you're just now hearing of the accusation against Greg Kelly for the first time, I apologize for the jarring headline. It's always strange to learn that somebody was at risk of being charged with something terrible by finding out that they're not being charged. At first, it seems like a reassertion of something you would have guessed the day before. For instance, if there was a headline that just read "Dan Rather Not Charged With Animal Cruelty," you'd be like, "Yeah, man, I know."

As for questions about a conflict of interest concerting Kelly's father being police commissioner, The Mail also reports that the case was immediately handed over to the D.A. at the beginning of the investigation.

[Image via AP]