Here's a trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, the retelling of an origin myth, retold. The background on this one is a mouthful so try to keep up: Marc Webb directed the screenplay, which was written by James Vanderbilt, which is based on the Marvel Comic Book by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Also, it was once a play written, directed, and starring Bono.

Whether or not you think the redux of Sam Rami's 2002 version has arrived about fifteen years too soon, I think we've got a pretty decent flick taking shape here. What with the introduction to a teenaged Peter Parker's parents and their disappearance, the Lizard Man, and a Gwen Stacy rather than a Mary Jane Watson, Webb's version will differ just enough to give us a fresh telling of the same old spider.

Plus, Emma Stone is always charming and fun to watch even when her hair looks like Angelina Jolie's blonde wig in that movie about Angelina Jolie's blonde wig (though I am told she is a natural blonde?), and Andrew Garfield is just milquetoast enough to play both the downtrodden high school dork and the crime-fighting man of the hour. He just seems like he really listens to you when you speak and would maybe wear an apron when he cooks you surprise dinners.

So how's about it? Do we have it in us for one more spidey adventure?