Stories about hackers are notoriously difficult to illustrate. In fact, there is one hacker so elusive that only two images of him exist in all the internet, despite the fact that he is the most prolific internet hacker of all time. Now introducing: The Shadowy, One-Handed Hacker of Death.

He is a spy.

He is a sextortionist.

He is a sex offender.

He is gay.

He commands a zombie army.

He is a struggling web marketer.

He is inside Anonymous' secret war room.

He sends shameful emails about global warming.

He is an "online predator who targets disabled men" in a self-published bodice-ripping crime novel.

He has questions about servicios de una botnet.

He killed privacy.

He might be from Saskatchewan.

He gefährdens with the door open, and doesn't even apologize.

You can ask him anything.

He gives to charity.

He seeks revenge.

He targets Arab nations.

He did it for the LULZ.

[Top image via Shutterstock]