Hundreds of New York Giants fans have occupied Manhattan's Zuccotti Park, to watch today's Super Bowl victory parade. The crowd of peaceful, if slightly-scruffy demonstrators have no unified message, outside of a vague sense of elation over their team's victory in the world's most hyper-capitalist sporting event. Many, we assume, are unemployed.

Giants fans are a loosely-organized, leaderless collective who have used online tools to mobilize extremely effectively, as long as their team is winning.

But look out: According to the New York Daily News, tensions are building between police and demonstrators: "Crowds are already out of control near Zuccotti Park... Folks are being fenced in on all sides." Similar demonstrations in Philadelphia, Vancouver, and Oakland have erupted in violence.

[Images of Zuccotti Park via Mary Pilon (left) and Olson Caleb (right)