America currently has three major 24-hour cable news networks. The repugnant right wing propaganda one that's actually successful, and the one that's trying to be left wing propaganda that's less successful, and the one that used to be the "real news" one and is now pretty much down for whatever in order to avoid being the least successful.

If you want to watch a good cable news network, there's always the BBC. We do not need any more 24-hour cable news networks.

Nevertheless, Disney and (very successful) Spanish language broadcaster Univision are reportedly in talks about launching their own 24-hour cable news network. If this were a Spanish language network, perhaps it would have a reason to exist. But it's not. It's an English language network, which will still target Latinos, but in English. "Here is a mishmash of ESPN highlight clips and generic cable news content delivered by a vaguely Latino-looking anchor," is the unique selling proposition of this would-be network.

This network's existence is unnecessary.

[WSJ. Photo: AP]