It's okay to not know a lot about football. There are many, many people who know close to nothing about football. For example, people who call it "American football." They've got no idea what's going on. But, even if you were taking a wild guess, you would probably assume that a guy who has previously won multiple Super Bowls did not just play the best game of his life if he just moments ago lost a Super Bowl. Nonetheless, Gisele attempted to comfort Tom Brady after last night.

TMZ reports:

TMZ obtained video shot inside the stadium as Tom was on his way to address the media ... in which Gisele chases down Tom ... embraces him .. and whispers, "You played the best game of your life ... you were amazing."

Tom says a few words back ... and seems to appreciate the intent ... but then sends her away to talk to the press ... promising he'll only take a few minutes.

Click anywhere here to watch Gisele's gentle and well meaning but blatantly false attempt at comforting her husband, Tom Brady.