Calm down, everyone. Madonna has finally said what we needed her to say — when asked about Janet Jackson's boob-baring "wardrobe malfunction" in 2004, Madonna told Bob Costas, "This will not happen to me, I promise you."

Phew, right? I know we were all feeling a little shaky. But this is a Madonna "guarantee." I'm not a lawyer, but legally I believe that means she's responsible for whatever happens. If a nipple does pop out from her top, will Madonna be fronting the bill? Janet Jackson's breast cost CBS $550,000 when they were fined by the Federal Communications Commission.

If you're really itching to see Madonna in the flesh, don't be too disappointed. As the USA Today article points out, you've got options.

Madonna published a coffee table book called Sex in 1992 that featured naked photographs of her shot by fashion photographers. A nude photo of her fetched $37,500 at auction, according to Yahoo.

But as for halftime, you'll have to content yourself with a fully clothed performance. Hopefully the chance to see Madonna topless wasn't the only reason you were tuning in to the Super Bowl.

[Image via AP]