Sorry, Newt, but we all saw this coming — Mitt Romney won the Nevada caucus on Saturday, further establishing his position as Republican frontrunner and thorn in Gingrich's side. But rather than focus on the man he's been debating, Romney took some jabs at Obama.

Romney thanked supporters and used his victory celebration to blast President Obama's performance on the economy, saying the president's "misguided policies made these tough times last longer."

"We're not going to settle for a president who tells us, 'It could be worse,' " Romney said.

Exactly. What we need is a president who will be assertive and make things worse.

As expected, Newt did not view his defeat as the end of the walking dead Gingrich campaign. Instead, he once again insisted he would not withdraw, ever, because we're all having so much fun.

Gingrich, in a subdued news conference in Las Vegas, vowed to continue his campaign until the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August. He said Republican voters "are going to want an alternative to a Massachusetts moderate."

And while Romney seems to be over the in-party bickering — at least until the next Republican debate airs in a few minutes — Gingrich continued to question Romney's honesty.

Gingrich renewed his criticism of Romney as "fundamentally dishonest" for the former governor's negative attack ads unleashed on Gingrich in Florida.

"If you can't tell the truth as a candidate for president … how can the country possibly expect you to lead as president?" Gingrich said of Romney.

This is the kind of bickering that makes Ron Paul seem like a breath of fresh air. Lucky for you political enthusiasts and schadenfreude-cravers, the candidates move on to Colorado and Minnesota on Tuesday.

[Image via AP]