Well, we can't give all the credit to Daniel Radcliffe, but — we kind of can, right? The Boy Who Lived as Harry Potter For a Decade has moved on to a starring role in Woman in Black. Despite low expectations, Reuters reports that the horror film opened strong at $8.3 million on Friday. (It's worth noting that CBS Films predicted $11 million for the entire weekend.) The other big surprise was Fox's teens-with-superpowers thriller Chronicle, which actually beat out Woman in Black on Friday. Relax, Dan Rad fans — his movie is expected to surpass its competition.

But I have to at least give a pat on the back to Big Miracle, the feel-good movie about whales in peril. Despite opening this weekend (and having a heartwarming title), it took in a measly $2.26 million, earning a fourth place spot behind The Grey. Not exactly a shock — Big Miracle's TV spots have that "is this shit for real?" quality. And how can whales hope to compete against Daniel Radcliffe, telekinetic teenagers, and wolves? Not to mention Liam Neeson.

[Image via AP]