Once again, Mitt Romney has a significant lead in a Republican caucus — this time in the Mormon-heavy state of Nevada. CNN reports that the Republican frontrunner is well ahead of his opponents, which should come as no surprise to those who remember Romney's showing in 2008. (He's big in Nevada.)

Consider the Silver State almost home-field advantage for Romney. He won the caucuses here four years ago in his first bid for the GOP nomination, grabbing 51% of the vote, far ahead of Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, who was in second place at 14%.

Romney is still riding high from his big win in Florida last week, which — as promised — did nothing to deter Newt Gingrich from soldiering on. But although Gingrich insists he'll stick around until August's Republican National Convention, GOP strategist Alex Castellanos says the former Speaker of the House isn't doing so hot financially.

Newt's campaign is already over a million dollars in debt. Even if his super PAC can find some coins under the sofa cushions, soon his campaign committee won't be able to afford travel or staff. All Newt will be able to do is throw long bombs. He will be frozen in place.

But hey, even while keeping a relatively low profile in Nevada, Gingrich does have the support of local "billionaire casino magnate" Sheldon Adelson. And when you're quickly running out of campaign funds, that's probably the kind of friend you want to keep around.

Not to be outdone, Romney stood alongside his most recent big-name supporter, reality TV personality Donald Trump, in a Nevada campaign event on Thursday. It's not looking like a close race, but at least a lot of money is being spent. May the best billionaire-endorsed candidate win.

[Image via AP]