The Huffington Post, your favorite blog network slash mass content grave, will debut a streaming online video channel this summer. Wrote Ariana Huffington on her blog Thursday:

The network will be built around segments spotlighting the biggest, hottest, most engaging stories HuffPost is covering at any given moment and using them as the jumping-off points for conversations, commentary, and comedy. These segments will be as long — or as short — as they need to be. We won't be limited by the usual time constraints of TV.

The HuffPo Streaming Network will be run by a staff of 100, with founding editor Roy Sekoff at the helm. Sekoff described the network's content as a "never-ending talk show," though I'm not sure if "never-ending talk show" is a selling point or one of Dante's circles of Hell.

Huffington has promised 12 hours of live, original programming per day at the project's start, with that figure ramping up to 16 in 2013. Knowing Ariana's gift for self-promotion, it's likely that at least 8 of those 16 hours will be a personal video blog. Just saying: the YouTube username lonelyentrepreneur15 is up for grabs.

This announcement comes soon after Huffington's January launch of a French edition of the site, (wonderfully) called Le Huffington Post. A year ago tomorrow, the HuffPo was purchased by AOL. Since then, their viral propagation has been seemingly unstoppable—that's "viral" in the old-fashioned sense, like herpes.

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