Yesterday, we introduced you to the newest and most annoying euphemism yet for "person who works in the media industry somehow:" "Information sherpas." Ugh. God. Sorry to repeat that again.

We also asked you to try to come up with something even more annoying than that term. Did you succeed? No. The short answer is no. Nobody introduced any real terms that were actually in use that were worse than "Information Sherpa." But in order to keep with the crowdsourcing spirit of things, let's pick an honorary winner here, let's see....

"Real-Time Virtual Archivist." That is an allegedly real title, according to commenter howdybeep. It's no "Information Sherpa," but still: shut up.

Commenter howdybeep, email me to claim your prize, which will be something lying around the Gawker office. To all media employees who contributed: get a real job title, hippies.

[Photo: AP]