A possibly (hopefully) real scene list from an Axe commercial is making its way around twitter today, and it is exactly what you would expect an Axe scene list to be. This thing is full of treasures like hot dog milfs, cut off shorts and "hip/cool/sexy/upscale bar patrons," among other very LOL things.

I suggest grabbing a couple friends and staging an impromptu read-through at your house. Please click on the image to expand the script below:

We have reached out to Axe's PR team for comment. Stay tuned.

Updated: I received the following email from a contact at Axe:

Thanks for reaching out. Axe is currently shooting a commercial in New York City for the Latin American region. This talent brief no doubt gave you a sneak peak at what's being created. We'll be sure to send you a look at the final spot once it's done.

[Via Neil Hamburger's Twitter]