Anonymous is on a rampage today. Just hours after leaking a confidential phone call between the FBI and Scotland yard, members have released a huge archive of emails and documents related to the 2005 Haditha Massacre, which left 24 Iraqi civilians dead.

Just a few minutes ago, Anonymous announced they had stolen 2.6 gigabytes of email belonging to the law firm Puckett Faraj. Neal Puckett represents Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich, who was accused of leading the group of Marines who killed 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians in the town of Haditha in November, 2005—what later became known as the Haditha Massacre. Last month, Wuterich struck a plea deal where he'll be demoted from Staff Sergeant to Private, but will serve no prison time.

Anonymous promises the emails contain "detailed records, transcripts, testimony, trial evidence, and legal defense donation records" about the Haditha case, and other cases Puckett Faraj handles.

To announce the hack, Anonymous defaced the website of Pucket Farai with this message:

"As part of our ongoing efforts to expose the corruption of the court systems and the brutality of US imperialism, we want to bring attention to USMC SSgt Frank Wuterich who along with his squad murdered dozens of unarmed civilians during the Iraqi Occupation. Can you believe this scumbag had his charges reduced to involuntary manslaughter and got away with only a pay cut?"

The emails should be posted to the Pirate Bay soon. Judging by our quick glance of an advanced archive posted to a website on the TOR anonymizing network, they definitely stole emails from Pucket Faraj. In one thread, Neal Puckett accepts congratulations from a friend on January 25th for securing plea deal. "Thanks, Ginny!" he writes "We were all over the TV and Internet. Google me!"

Puckett could not be immediately reached for comment; when we called a few minutes ago he was in a meeting and the receptionist had no idea the firm had been hacked.

[Image of Puckett and Wuterich, via AP]