This is pretty crazy: Anonymous, as part of their regular "Fuck FBI Friday" release, leaked a 16 minute phone call between the FBI and their counterparts in the UK. England's Sky News has confirmed with the FBI the call's legitimacy.

The call was apparently recorded on January 17, and arranged by FBI special agent Timothy Lauster to discuss the prosecution of hackers associated with the group LulzSec. The contents of the call are embarrassing: participants discuss the upcoming arrests of Lulzsec members who go by the names Kayla and TFlow. And they reveal that British authorities secretly tried to delay British court proceedings against previously arrested LulzSec members, British teenagers Jake Davis and Ryan Cleary, to give the FBI more time to move in on the ones that haven't been arrested yet.

But the biggest worry for the feds is the fact that Anonymous apparently has access to their email, with which they planned the hack. Along with the call they posted the email between agents arranging the call. An Anonymous twitter account boasted. "The #FBI might be curious how we're able to continuously read their internal comms for some time now."

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