Eduardo Saverin isn't just a Facebook co-founder made famous by The Social Network and set to get very rich off the Facebook IPO. He is also, judging from the burgeoning genre of Mark Zuckerberg fanfic, the college hottie online romance authors most want to see hook up with Facebook's young CEO.

Dvice published a fun survey of Zuckerberg fanfic, drawn from and Archive of Our Own and described as "NSFW-ish." We've also taken a gander at the Mark-Eduardo Livejournal, which also contains its fair share of naked Mark-and-Wardo scenes..

Here's some of the most imaginative sounding work. Apologies, we haven't had time to read it all. (Only, like, 75 percent.)

"Female Mark is pregnant. Eduardo is suing her pants off." Indeed he is:

"Mark, Eduardo's here." Karen trills. "Why don't you take him out on the balcony, while I finish up dinner?" ... Eduardo wraps his arms around her...

"Eduardo... has no thoughts regarding Mark... until Eduardo walks in on Mark changing clothes." He's friends with Zuck's sister Randi, see? But then one thing leads to another at the Zuckerberg house and "it it him or is Mark blushing?"

"Mark realizes... Eduardo is extremely suited to being a vampire." And oh, is he ever.

Eduardo's fingers against his scalp, knotted in his hair and forcing his head to stay in place... Eduardo's fingers are cool... but feel as if they're growing warmer as the endless, weightless minutes pass like thick, sweet honey.

Comic-book mutant Magneto "storms Facebook HQ and holds Mark hostage." It turns out "everyone needs a friend, especially billionaires and mutants."

He was my only friend," Magneto says, shedding a manly tear. "He was there for me."
"I know how that feels," Mark says mournfully. "I built Facebook for my best friend.

OK, not exactly homoerotic, but what it lacks in sex it makes up for in adjectives.