The Super Bowl is a mere three days away, which brings us to that painful part of the promotion week where every single person who has even a remote involvement in The Big Game is granted a formulaic press conference. (Sample questions: "Excited about The Big Game?" "Who are you rooting for in The Big Game?" "Is this Big Game bigger than last year's Big Game?")

Madonna, this year's halftime prop, was not excluded from the sad process. The professional circus diarists asked her about wardrobe malfunctions, former fling Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees (she said he has a "large photograph" of her "lying on a horse" in his house), and a 23-year-old defensive player from Tampa Bay professed his love for her and asked for advice on "pursuing dreams."

But it would not be over until Madge did the salsa. Here she is, assuring all of the gathered circus diarists that she was "inspired" by Victor Cruz of the New York Giants to work on her salsa moves. Dance, Madge, dance! But please don't hurt yourself. The 53-year-old said she had a "pulled hamstring" from preparing for the show. This is going to be a spectacle no matter what, but it's still, at least in theory, an upgrade from last year's horror.

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