Max R. Emma and I want to put up a post making fun of Conde Nast since our site doesn't work for them right now
Max R. and they can't read it
Max R. any shots you guys feel like taking
Emma C. ....get it
Hamilton N. they're ugly.
Adrian C. didn't we just get someting about the cafeteria?
Brian M. Details is gay for GQ
Hamilton N. why don't they lose some weight
Leah B. Conde NASTY. You're welcome. You may all go home now.
Adrian C. #Siren: Reliable source warns of "fennel situation" in @CondeNastCorp cafeteria; exec/ed may be demanding roasted fennel, fennel salad, etc. - @DylanByers via Twitter
Emma C. the Vogue girls are like such bitches and stuff
Adrian C. Why don't you go eat some fennel and cry about it?
Hamilton N. at a party, we heard Anna Wintour say she hates them
Hamilton N. "That's what you're wearing? Hmm."
Hamilton N. they're poor.
Hamilton N. they take the subway to work
Adrian C. New Yorker Articles are pretty boring, sometimes
Emma C. Vanity Fair really needs to get over the Kennedys
Adrian C. Fennel is gross
Brian M. Well, they need to get over old dead ladies in general
Adrian C. Their parent company owns reddit
Brian M. "Remember Portfolio?"
Emma C. hahaha, no, because no one does
Adrian C. eustace tilley is a giant homosexual and everyone knows it
Maureen O. Your elevator is boring again
Maureen O. Teen Vogue has bulimia and will never grow up to be as awesome as her mom.
Emma C. Malcolm Gladwell
Max R. i'm just going to post this campfire chat unless anyone objects
Leah B. Wasn't the terrible mystery pooper a conde nast thing
Ryan T. that guy
Adrian C. who's that
Ryan T. Jesus, basically
Hamilton N. that is will ferrell.

Please continue in the comments. Suggestion: "New Yorker? More like Poo Yorker."

[image via AP]