A hearty official Gawker congratulations to David James Glendon, Irish actor and winner of the first annual George Clooney lookalike contest, held at Dylan's Whiskey Bar in Kilkenny last week. (David's the one in the photo who looks like George Clooney.)

The Clooney-alike won a trip to the Oscars and to the Irish Film and TV Awards, both in the company of Gabriel Murray, organizer and director of the "George Clooney Irish Roots Festival," which celebrates the 1829 birth of Nicholas Clooney in Knockeen, Tullahought. "I am delighted to have won. To go to the Oscars, well that would be anyone's dream come true," 27-year-old David told Kilkenny People.

But even in the midst of David's victory, some naysayers are questioning the contest's integrity. "Which guy is supposed to be the George Clooney lookalike ?" wondered one KilkennyPeople.ie commenter, using the name "Clonmelbelle." Another commenter, posting as "clooney1," voiced his agreement: "I agree with the previous comment what a farce my dog looks more like George CLOONEY," he wrote.

We here at Gawker are excited for David's trip to these shores, and wish him the best (feel free to get in touch to talk, David) — and folks, if you see George Clooney around town on Oscar weekend, make sure you check closely. You might just be looking at David Glendon!

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