There comes a time in the life of every newscaster when he or she must form an opinion on throaty-voiced source of national cathexis Lana del Rey. Katie Couric is still working on hers.

At a cabaret performance on Tuesday, the gin-dancing newswoman fielded a question about Lana from The Wall Street Journal:

Had Ms. Couric,a leader in television news who has interviewed everyone from Beyonce to Lil Wayne, paid attention to Lana Del Rey, the controversial singer whose album was released this week?

"No!" she said. "I've heard of her, but I don't know much about her. You should do a piece on her."

Ms. Del Rey, a reporter informed Ms Couric, has been a polarizing performer. (In fact, in an e-mail to Gawker recently, Ms. Couric's colleague Brian Williams called Lana Del Rey "one of the worst outings" in the history of "Saturday Night Live.")

"Why is she polarizing?" Ms. Couric asked. "Does she have a very distinctive voice?" Yes, actually, she was told. "Are her lyrics weird?" Yes, actually. That, too.

"Is she, like, a poser?" Ms. Couric inquired. Yes, arguably! People claim that as well.

"Oh, you kids," Ms. Couric said. "I'll have to go to iTunes and listen to her when I get home!"

LOL. iTunes. Someone send Katie Couric a Spotify invite, stat.

[Wall Street Journal, images via Getty and]