We all know that frenetic tabloid sex oracle Andrea Peyser is strongly opposed to hussies, as well as sluts. But how does she feel about loose lying whores who cry rape as a way to cover up for their own loose, whorish behavior, and maybe they should have just never opened their legs for every man who says hello? Today, she clarifies her stance on this important matter.

The ostensible point of Andrea's column today is that women should not file false rape charges against famous men. True enough! We provide this summary for your benefit, lest you be unable to suss out Andrea's fair-minded point amidst paragraph constructions like this:

Which begs a question: When did feminists start telling women they could have emotion-free sex like men, and live with themselves?

Or this:

Afterward, the lady made the bed. A year went by. Cone was gone. She never heard from the gang-banging trio again. Then it hit her.

"I've been raped!"

She should have hit the gym or drowned her sorrows in whiskey.

Or this:

"I've made peace with it. I did what I had to do," she said.

As for Kelly's accuser, she said, "I hope she finds some justice."

But at what cost - to women?

Or this:

Women who work long and hard to be taken seriously are furious.

"I think we're so much stronger and better than this," said Tish Ferguson, a global recruiter.

I can think of no reading matter I would recommend to feminists more highly than a collection of various blockquotes from Andrea Peyser columns. What does this all add up to? Sluts! The scourge of America.

Andrea Peyser is watching you, you tarts.