Facebook just released its first-ever official financial numbers as part of its filing to go public, and they're very impressive. One billion dollars in annual profit impressive. Also: Much of humankind is hopelessly addicted to Facebook.

Facebook tallied $1 billion in profit last year on $3.7 billion in revenue, revenue that has been roughly doubling for each of the past two years. The company ended 2011 with $3.9 billion in cash. Those totals are in line with the exclusive financial data we reported through September (the cash total has grown about as much as profits). Meanwhile, as Inside Facebook points out, the company is diversifying its revenue stream, with payments growing to 17 percent of revenue from 10 percent a year prior. Most of that comes from online purchases by people playing Zynga games like FarmVille. And most of the rest of Facebook's money comes from advertising. Of course once we're all talking on Facebook phones and paying blackmail to, like, Facebook drones the company's income will be even more diversified.

The company also revealed user data that bodes well for its future profits. Some 483 million users are active on the site each day, and 845 million each month. Now get back to work feeding your private information into Facebook's money machine. Otherwise you might have to read all the rest of the awful IPO coverage.