The last time overeducated lit mag n+1 wrote a big think piece about a blog, they chased all the smart people away from this here website forever. Now, n+1 is back with yet another in their peerless "How to Overthink Things on the Internet That, In Actuality, Have Little if Any Overarching Theme or Philosophy." This one's for the ladiesssssssss!

Molly Fischer has thoughts about several popular internet "ladyblogs." Like what?

Jezebel: "its seriousness took the form of ardent inoffensiveness."
The Hairpin: "This was cute performed for an audience that disliked Zooey Deschanel but still liked reading about eco-friendly cat bonnets."
XOJane: "a woman who feuded with salon receptionists she overheard calling her old."
Rookie Mag: "weirdly, persistently general: she assumed that teenage girls were mostly interested in the fact of being a teenage girl."
And basically the whole problem with all these stupid ladyblogs if Molly Fischer had to sum it all up: "almost embarrassing itself in its eagerness to please... too painstakingly inoffensive... too charmingly self-effacing... they are helpful, agreeable, relatable, and above all likable. Surely one can't, and shouldn't, strive to like and be liked all the time."

If I know ladies (and I think I do), what Molly Fischer is saying here is that she does not like ladyblogs. We would like to reiterate our formal agreement with Molly on one point: we shouldn't all strive to be liked all the time. It serves no one's interests to pretend that everything in the media is good. It may be uncomfortable, but it needs to be stated: n+1 is far more unreadable than any of these ladyblogs.

(Now can we get a man's take on this??)

[n+1. Image via Adam J. Kurtz]