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We are familiar with the James O'Keefe of today, certainly, what about the O'Keefe of yesterday? Before he was a fugitive, professional ambusher and rabble-rouser, James O'Keefe led the life of a simple teen-aged student, wandering aimlessly through the halls of his high school humming "Life is a Highway."

Was a he dreamer who preferred to spend his days dosing in the tall grass in the field behind the school, lazily searching for four-leaf clovers and dandelions? Did he attend his prom? Was he ever picked first for kickball? Did he get to score that final touchdown of the season? Was James O'Keefe ever filled with the dull ache that comes only from a first unrequited love? Did he get boners in the hallway and subtly slide his penis into the tip of his waistband, fooling no one but himself?

Was he a soft-spoken dreamer, an idle schemer, an untamed free-wheeler, a heavy mouth breather?

No. James O'Keefe was a thespian. Here he is in Crazy For You. And he wasn't half-bad!

[Thanks to a tipster/video work by Matt Toder]