[There was a video here]

UConn, America's foremost institution of sports riots and male rage, is in uproar after student-run (and student-funded) television network UCTV aired a sketch comedy segment that depicted a crying girl using a blue-light phone while fleeing a possible rapist. As she attempts to escape, the robotic blue-light voices call her a "cock gobbler," a "stinky bitchy," a "blonde bitch," and a "howler monkey bitch" who is "crying rape." The sketch ends with the girl falling to the ground after her attacker strangles her in a dark parking lot.

Apparently UCTV aired the "Shenanigans" sketch twice (Nov. 10 and Jan. 30) but the outcry only reached critical mass this week. UCTV scrubbed the video from its website yesterday and apologized. A protest, hosted by the campus Women's Center, kicks off tonight.

A tipster who characterized the protesters as "hysterical" sent us a backed-up copy of the sketch. Thanks, Jenny. [UCTV, Facebook]